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How to set up your Finli account (Start here!)

Setting up to get paid with Finli only takes a few minutes.

  1. Head over to finli.com and click on the "Login/Signup" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen. 
  2. There are two ways to sign up. 
    • The first way is to sign up by using your email. After entering your email, fill out your business's name, your full name, and choose your password. Click "Access Your Portal." From there, you'll be able to access your new Finli Portal!  You can also sign up by connecting your google account
    • The second way to sign up is by signing up with your SMS-compatible phone number. Choose the phone number you'd like to sign up with, then enter your business name, your full name, and choose your password on the next screen. After you click "Access Your Portal," you'll be able to access your new Finli Portal! 
      sign up through email
  3. After you create an account, be sure to check your email inbox or SMS to confirm
  4. After you've verified your account, return to your Finli Portal. 
  5. To finish setting up your Finli account, you'll need to complete the steps in the onboarding checklist, located on the bottom left corner of your screen.  self set up box
    • The checklist will walk you through how to complete each step, but here are detailed articles about each step of the set up process for your reference.
  1. After that, you're completely set up! To fully take advantage of Finli's features, be sure to check out these helpful resources as well: 

If you have any questions or would just like to have someone on the Finli team help you get set up, please schedule a live onboarding call with our customer success team. They're happy to help you get started.