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Adding Prices, Products, and Services

This article goes over how to add prices to your products and services. It'll also go over how to set up discounts and surcharges.

In order to create an invoice or set up classes, you’ll first need to add pricing items. Pricing items are the products and services that you want to bill customers for, as well as various discounts and surcharges that you'd like to include as part of your overall pricing.  In order to bill your customers for a product or service, you'll need to add it as a pricing item.

Adding a Pricing Item (Including Surcharges) 

  1. On your Finli home page, navigate to the Main Menu. Find the "Pricing" tab and click into it. pricing item 1
  2. On the "Pricing" page, check that you under the "Expense Item" tab. Then, click on "Create New Pricing Item." pricing item 2
  3. Enter the name of the product or service you're selling, a nickname you may use for it, and the amount you're charging for it. If this is an item you're currently offering, set the "Status" to "Active." If you're adding this item because you're going to offer it in the future, but it isn't currently available to your customers, set it to "Inactive." You can go back and change the status of your pricing items at any time. Then, click "Create." pricing item 3
  4. Add surcharges (like late fees) as a pricing item (shown in steps 1-3).  surcharge 1

Adding Discounts 

Whether you're offering a discount to a first-time customer or a long-loyal customer who's buying your services in bulk, here's how to add it into your pricing. 

  1. On your Finli home page, click on the "Pricing" tab, located on the Main Menu. discount 1
  2. On the "Pricing" page, toggle to the "Discount" tab. Then, click on the "Create New Discount Item" button. discount 2
  3. Fill in the name of your discount, choose whether your want to take a set dollar amount or percentage off, and set the "Status" to "Active" or "Inactive" depending on if you're currently offering that discount. Then, click "Create." Your discount is now available! discount 3

Now you're all set to add your products, services, surcharges, and discounts onto your invoices.

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