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How do I create and manage custom fields

This article will tell you how custom fields work and how to make the most of them.

Custom fields are a new feature at Finli to help you make the most of your customer information.  

Creating, editing, and deleting Custom Fields 

This is done in the settings menu by going to the "Fields" tab and either selecting Create a New Field or click the pencil icon next to an existing field to edit or delete it.

Note: Removing a custom field means that you'll no longer be able to see any values already entered for existing accounts.  Be sure you want to delete a field and the underlying data before you go through it it!

Custom Fields have several types to be able to better manage the data within them:

  • Free Text - Free text up to 256 characters
  • Single Choice - Identify options and allow the selection of only one option
  • Multiple Choice - Identify options and allow the selection of one or many options
  • Date - Date picker from a calendar interface
  • Attachment - Allow for the attachment of a specific PDF, JPeg, or PNG Image file up to 10mbs 

Note: Once the Field Type is set it cannot be changed, although additional values can be added for the Single Choice and Multiple Choice Field Types.

Custom fields can be set at the Customer or the Participant level

You can maintain custom fields for your Customer or for the individual Participants and you'll select one of these two options when creating a new field. 

Note: Customer-level fields are typically related to the "account" and cover all participants, such as 'Region.'  Participant-level fields are typically for the person receiving the service, and might include fields like 'Birthday' or 'Nickname.'

Populating Custom Fields

Once you've created Custom Fields, they can be populated with values in the same way as the pre-existing fields: by accessing the Customers module.  Remember that "Customer-level Fields" will be visible on the Customer Profile and to access "Participant-level Fields" you'll need to create or access a Participant. 

Note: You can also access the Custom Field Builder from the Customer module by selecting "Add New Field."

Common Questions

Can I see all custom fields across customers?  

Yes you can!  By using the export feature on the Customers module, you can view all values for any custom fields created.