How do I make a contribution to someone else's bill?

This article goes over what a contribution is and how to make a contribution to a bill on the Finli platform.

What are Contributions?

Contributions are a way for you to pay all or a portion of a bill that was sent to another recipient.  Contributions are great if you're splitting an expense with a co-parent, another family member, or a friend.

How do I make a contribution?

1. Download the app and link a funding source

Contributions are made through the Finli mobile app which can be found either in the iOS App Store or Android store

Once you've downloaded the app you'll need to link a bank account or credit/debit card.  Follow the prompts on your home screen or go to Main Menu > Settings and Payment Methods.

2. Accept an invitation to connect

To protect the privacy of our customers, you'll need to be invited to contribute to a bill.  Here's an article about how a bill recipient can invite you to contribute.  You can send an email request to someone to be a contributor to them by going to Main Menu > Contributions >

People > Invitations.

In order to contribute you'll need to accept the invitation to connect.  You'll see an invitation card on your home screen or you can go to Main Menu > Contributions > People > Invitations.

IMG_2101 IMG_2102

3. Contribute!

You're only able to contribute once a bill has been issued! 

Head to the Contribute section to see if there are any bills ready for you to contribute to.  If there are no bills here, then there's no bills issued that you can contribute to.  To contribute select "contribute" and select how much to contribute and whether it's a one-time or recurring contribution.  If it's a recurring contribution you can elect to make up to 12 future payments.

When you make a contribution may not be pulled immediately - your funds will be paid on the due date of the invoice.



Troubleshooting Common Issues:


I don't see a bill I am expecting to see

There needs to be an issued invoice for the person that you are trying to contribute to.  If there is no invoice, you wont be able to initiate a new recurring or one-time contribution.


How do I remove someone so that I don't get prompted to send them contributions on new bills?

To remove an existing person that you have approved to get contributions, go to Main Menu > Contributions > People > Invitations and select "Remove" on the person that you wish to remove.  This will also delete any upcoming recurring contributions.


Where can I see information about past contribution payments or upcoming recurring contributions?

    To see past contribution transactions, go to Main Menu > Contributions > History.

    To see upcoming recurring contribution information, go to Main Menu > Contributions > Contribute and scroll down to the "Manage Recurring" section.  This will give you information on how many contributions remain and when the next contribution is slated.


    How do I cancel an existing recurring contribution?

      To cancel an existing recurring contribution without removing the person that you may wish to contribute to again in the future, go to Main Menu > Contributions > Contribute and scroll down to the "Manage Recurring" section and select cancel.


      When is the contribution pulled?

      The contribution is pulled on the invoice due date or whenever your funds are pulled.  If there is an issue collecting the contribution from the Contributor, we will pull those funds from the bill owner instead.