What can I do with Finli?

This article goes over what Finli can do to streamline your business.

Finli was built to help you get paid seamlessly. Here's exactly how we do that. 


Finli makes it easy to send out invoices.

For repeat customers, you can set them up on recurring invoicing. 

With our Instant Invoice feature, you can send out an invoice in seconds. It's as simple to use as Venmo, and we make it easy to keep track of your customers' payment histories. (Here's how to set up an Instant Invoice.

With our Invoice Builder, you can create customized, professional invoices in minutes. (Here's how to set up an invoice through Invoice Builder.

Customer Information Management

Finli offers a robust customer relationship management feature, where you can keep track of all of your customers' information and payment histories. You have the ability to set custom fields, so you can keep track of information that matters to you (whether that's something serious, like allergies and accommodations, or something that's nice to know, like your customers' favorite color). 

With the tagging feature, you can group your customers easily. It's never been easier or quicker to communicate with your customers (or any subset of them). 


Find out exactly how Finli can supercharge your business by scheduling a demo. Or, learn more about Finli at finli.com