How to pay a Finli invoice online with Pay By Link

This article will go over how to pay a business bill via Finli using the Pay By Link feature and how to troubleshoot common issues when paying online.

If you have general questions about how to pay your invoice with Finli, go to this FAQ Article.

What is Pay By Link?

Every invoice issued by Finli on behalf of a business we serve can be paid through Pay By Link.  Pay By Link is a website that you can access by mobile phone browser or by computer that allows you to pay the invoice, save your payment information for recurring payment, download the invoice, and setup SMS text alerts for future invoices.  

How do I get to the payment page?

The Pay By Link payment page is accessed by the email that contains your invoice.  You can also ask the business requesting payment for the link which they also have access to.  Finally, if you have a copy of your pdf invoice generated by Finli, you can access the link there. 


How do I make payments on Pay By Link?

Once you access the Pay By Link page just follow the directions to make payment.

  1. Select Payment Method.  We suggest paying through your bank account (ACH) for reasons we go over here.  If you're having trouble linking your bank account this FAQ may help!  If you are paying by credit card, please note that a 3% convenience fee may apply.
  2. Enter Billing Information that is associated with the billing method you added
  3. Schedule the payment.  If the due date hasn't passed, you can elect to pay the bill immediately or on the due date itself.  You can also opt-in to SMS text messages on this step so you don't miss out on future bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to see old invoices that I've paid through Pay By Link?  Your historical payment record including all of the invoices you have paid are always available to you in the Finli app, even if you paid through Pay By Link.  Here's how to download the Finli app.  


Can I pay with Pay By Link if I have the Finli app?  Yes you can.  If you have auto-payments setup through the Finli app, you can always over-ride that payment by making an immediate Pay By Link payment.  Just note that future invoices will be automatically paid through the information you have on file in the app unless you specifically cancel there.