How to pay your bill with Finli

This article will walk you through how to pay a bill through Finli and go over common Questions & Answers related to paying your bill.

How can I pay an invoice that has been issued to me?

There are two ways to pay your invoice:

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How and when do I pay my bill?

You are typically issued your invoice a few days before it is due.  If it's the first time you're paying a bill through Finli, or if you haven't yet entered in your payment information, you'll need to do so before the due date in either the Finli mobile app or through Pay By Link.  Do this as soon as possible - we won't pull funds from you before the due date unless you want us to!

Once you enter in your payment information and enroll in autopay, there's nothing else you need to do for future invoices that are sent to you.  We'll send you invoices so you know the charges are coming and we'll automatically pull funds from your saved payment information on the due date.

What if I want to change my payment source? That's easy - just access your account through the Finli app and go to settings to change your primary payment source.  

What if I receive a bill in error and am on autopay? If you receive a bill in error, you can access the bill through the Finli app.  Once in the bill you can select "Pause" and notify the business with a message why you believe the bill is sent in error.


How to know if a business issued you a Finli invoice?

You'll know that you've been issued a Finli invoice because you'll receive an email from Finli ( stating that a new bill has been issued.  You may also get a text message if you've signed up for them but you'll always receive an email. 

If you think that a business has issued you an invoice but you haven't received it, here's some common reasons for not receiving the email:

  • Your spam filter might be mistaking the email for spam. Check the spam filter and follow these instructions to whitelist the Finli email address
  • The business might have the wrong email address for you.  Confirm directly with the business in order to confirm that they have the right email for you.  If you have downloaded the Finli app and do not see your invoice, make sure you are using the same email as you received your welcome email from us.

Want to change the email that is used to bill you?  Reach out to your business to update the email they have on file for you.

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