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Managing recurring invoices

This article reviews how to set up recurring invoices to best serve you and your customers. This includes setting up subscription payments.

One of the most powerful features of the Finli platform is the ability to create and send recurring invoices. 

 Setting up your account defaults

When you create a Finli account, your recurring invoice default settings are set at a one month recurring due on the first day of the month.  However, you can update your default recurring settings in the Settings > Invoice menu.  

Note that updating these default settings will only change the starting/default value for your invoices and you’ll always be able to customize the recurring frequency on a customer level.

Settings Page

Creating a recurring invoice

Creating a recurring invoice is as simple as updating an invoice’s recurring invoice section when you create an invoice.  The recurring defaults will populate and you can update these as needed.

Recurring Invoices

Managing existing recurring invoices

Once you’ve sent out the first recurring invoice, subsequent recurring invoices are managed from the Invoice Editor.  You can get there by going to the customer tab and selecting the Invoice Editor tab.  There you will be able to see the next upcoming scheduled invoice.  Note that while you can make changes to that invoice (including cancelling it), you are not able to modify the frequency of the recurrence. 

Recurring Scheduled Invoice

Modifying or Cancelling a recurring invoice series

If you’re looking to modify a recurring invoice series, such as change the day of the month that an invoice is sent or change a weekly recurrence to monthly recurrence, you’ll need to cancel the invoice series and recreate a new one.

To cancel a recurring invoice series, go to the Invoice Editor section of a customer account.  You’ll then select the “Cancel All” action.  This will cancel all subsequent invoices in the series.  If you’re only looking to cancel the next invoice but leave the remaining invoices in tact, then select the “Cancel Invoice” action.

Action Bar