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Linking your bank account

This article is a tutorial for businesses on how to link your bank account with Finli and troubleshooting common issues.

There's many reasons that we require our business users to use ACH to receive their customer funds.  It's part of our compliance policy, it helps keep costs down for everyone, and other reasons that we go over in a recent blog post.

Note that due to a high degree of fraud some neo-banks are no longer accepted through our platform.

Linking supported banks

The easiest way to link your account is to use Plaid is to sign into your online bank portal which is available for most banks and credit unions.  You'll know your bank is one of the 10,000+ supported financial institutions because it will show up when you search for it.

If your bank account is not listed, or you are having issues connecting to your bank, please connect your bank account manually with your account number using the instructions below.  



Troubleshooting error messages with supported banks

Here's a few error messages you might receive and suggestions on how to remediate them:

  • “Couldn't connect to your institution.” This error message appears when we’re unable to complete the linking process, which can happen for a variety of reasons. If you need to connect immediately, we recommend trying to link another financial institution. Frequently, these are minor errors that are quickly resolved, so you may also want to try connecting the same account again later. 
  • “Username or password incorrect.” If you see this error message, we recommend confirming your username and password are correct by logging into your financial account directly, and ideally from a secure web browser (as opposed to a mobile app). Sometimes, when you log into your financial account on a web browser, your financial institution may have additional prompts for you to complete before you can access your data, and those prompts may be what’s preventing Plaid from accessing your data. Also, when searching for your financial institution while linking to Plaid, double check that you are selecting the correct institution––there are many financial institutions with similar names, and selecting the wrong institution will result in an error noting that your credentials are incorrect.
  • “Action required with your account.” Some financial institutions require you to take specific steps to enable your accounts to be linked to third parties like Plaid. Please log into your bank account directly on a secure web browser (not via a mobile app) to confirm your online banking settings enable you to share your data before retrying your connection attempt through Plaid.
  • “Username incorrect.” When you update the username associated with your financial accounts, Plaid notifies your connected app so that they can prompt you to re-connect your accounts using your new username. If you have recently updated your username but your connected app has not provided you with the option to re-connect your accounts, please try fully removing and then re-connecting your accounts in the app, or contact the app directly. You should only ever link your accounts using your current username and password.
  • “Your account settings are incompatible.” For some financial institutions, certain types of account configurations or settings mean Plaid will be unable to establish a connection with your institution. We are working with many institutions to resolve these issues and provide you the access you need. If you have specific questions about your financial institution, please feel free to reach out to us via the Support button, which appears as a question mark if you’re on your mobile device.

Linking through micro deposit 

If your bank is not supported by the online login, you can still connect with Finli by selecting Manual Verification when prompted.  In this case you'll enter in your routing number and account number, and return to confirm a micro-deposit later to ensure that you have access to the account.  This is for your own safety to make sure that any funds that are submitted to you are deposited into an account that you control.

Please go to this article for more in depth overview of how to link by micro deposit.

Portal Manual Verification