Linking your bank account with manual verification (micro-deposit) to pay an invoice

This article covers how to add a bank account if it's not supported by Plaid's online login feature or if you prefer to enter your account and routing numbers directly instead of your bank login information.

The simplest way to pay your bills through Finli is to link your bank account using Plaid's online sign-in feature (which you can learn how to do here).  However, there may be reasons that this is not possible:

  • Your bank is not one of the 10,000+ financial institutions supported by Plaid
  • Your bank or Plaid is having temporary technical issues
  • You don't have an online account with your bank
  • You prefer to enter in your routing and account number than your login information

In this case we have a simple and safe solution to add your bank account manually using micro-deposits to verify your identity.   Note that due to a high degree of fraud some neo-banks are no longer accepted through our platform through Plaid or micro-deposit.


Here's how to link using Manual Verification

  1. If you are paying from the Finli App: Log into the Finli mobile app, go to the Settings menu and select "Add Payment Method"
  2. If you are paying from a payment link (Pay By Link): Click your payment link located on the invoice due email or provided to you.
  3.  Select Add Bank Account
  4. Select Manual Verification
  5. Review the steps on how Manual Verification works
  6. Add your bank information, including the name associated with the account, the routing number, and the account number.  Here's an article on how to find your routing and account number on a check if you're unsure.  You can also typically get this information from your bank statements
  7. Authorize micro-deposits.  The micro-deposit typically takes 1 business day and is returned to your account after the validation.  This is for your own safety to make sure that any funds that are submitted to you are deposited into an account that you control.
  8. Check your bank account (online or statements) for two deposits of less than $1.00 from Finli
  9. Once you see those deposits, return to the link or settings menu in the app where you initiated the authorization
  10. Enter in the micro-deposit amounts in order

Note that you only have a limited amount of time to return and verify the micro-deposit amounts and this is required!  So please verify the micro-deposits as soon as you receive them.

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