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Uploading your customer information

This article covers how to upload your customer information using our bulk upload tool.

There are a few ways that customer information can be added into Finli:

  1. Customers that purchase services through Pages are automatically added
  2. You can add customers in one at a time on the Customers tab
  3. You can bulk add customers using our Bulk Add tool


Using the bulk add tool

    Bulk Uploader (2)

    1. Log onto your Finli portal and go to the Customers tab
    2. Select the "Action" dropdown and select "Import Customer List"
    3. Follow the prompts in the wizard

    Note: The file used must be a .csv file type and conform to a specific set of columns and text types.  Download the Template provided in the instructions to help guide you on formatting options.

    Having issues uploading your file?  No problem!  Reach out to us using the messenger icon or at support@finli.com for help.