Who is Finli for?

This article goes over who will benefit the most from using Finli.

Finli is for anyone who wants to automate the payment aspects of their business. If you'd like to automate and go digital with your invoicing, payment collection, customer information management, and customer communications, Finli is for you. 

Currently, Finli best serves service-based businesses that have (or anticipate having) repeat customers. 

Here are some types of businesses that are using Finli successfully: 

  • martial arts schools 
  • music schools
  • dance schools 
  • after school programs 
  • dog walkers and groomers 
  • tutors 
  • sports coaches 
  • professional coaches 
  • art studios 

If you don't see your business on that list, don't worry. Please do not hesitate to schedule a demo here, and we can figure out how Finli can streamline your business together.