Is it safe for me to enter in my bank login credentials to process an ACH?

This article goes over how we use your information to process ACH payments.

Finli uses Plaid to securely connect users directly with their banks - Finli (and our clients) never have access to the user information, nor does Plaid (they only facilitate the login). Plaid does not access or store your account credentials. Instead, your financial institution provides Plaid with a type of security identifier, which permits Plaid to securely reconnect to your financial institution at regularly scheduled intervals to keep your apps and services up-to-date.   You can read Plaid's Privacy and User Policies here.

However, if any customers are still uneasy entering in their password, they can always connect by entering in their account & routing numbers and verifying a micro-deposit, there's and article on how to do this here.